BBs will be the bread and butter of airsofting. With no BBs, we would only be idiots running around with pricey sticks. However, what are BBs really made of?

The expression BB really utilized to refer to some dimension of shotgun ammo. “BB” sized steel shots have been 0.180 inches. The farther up the alphabet you have, the larger the pelletup to OO dimensions, also called buckshot (since you use it to shoot deer). BBs were called birdshot since… well, obv.

So first BBs were made from steel. As time passes, the word”BB” trapped and became the title for any round pellet employed in ordinance. Including shots from plants, mines and grenades.

Interesting fact! BBs are not ball bearings and ball bearings are not what you believe that they are .

But back to BBs…

The BBs we utilize at airsofting are made from vinyl and weigh between 0.12gram and 0.48g. Heavier BBs are somewhat less influenced by wind, which makes them more powerful for extended variety airsoft guns.

Kinds of BBs


When you are draining the landscape with your spray’n’ Agree approaches, our beautiful countryside may wind up looking just like a ideal state. Luckily, biodegradable BBs are readily available. Made from wheat and chalk starch, these totally compostable BBs are a lot kinder to the environment. Many BB versions possess a biodegradable alternative, for the environmentally-conscious airsofter. visit for more airsoft guns https://airsoftgunslist.com


Tracer BBs glow in the dark. Ideal for night skirmishesthey use a unique device to control the BBs by trapping them with a burst of light prior to leaving the barrel, so they stay luminescent in flight. This tracer device is generally hidden from view, frequently disguised as a suppressor, or can be included within the magazine. Tracer BBs are helpful for monitoring your flame, but might show your status in the dark. If you would like to keep stealthy, you ought to go for…

Non-traceable BBs

Just like it says on the tin, these BBs are non-traceable. Well, mainly. Many BBs are white, which makes it effortless to observe the origin of flame. Non-traceable BBs are black, or a similarly dim color. This makes it almost impossible for the opponent to see where you are shooting . However they have the drawback of making it difficult for you to see where you are shooting since you can not adhere to the route of this BB either.


Metal BBs shouldn’t be utilized in airsoft guns. Though helpful for target shooting, metal BBs are too harmful for airsofting. The additional burden of metallic BBs lowers the impact of crosswind, imparting more precision when fired at longer ranges in outside environments where end would considerably change the trajectory of plastic BBs. But because metallic BBs are so capable of going in youpersonally, we adhere to plastic. Plastic BBs can damage enough by themselves!

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