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Connection a QR code scanner to your database

How about we consider a model on the most proficient method to interface a QR code scanner to a database. Let’s assume you’ve manufactured the “QR Code Scanner” application. The principle thought of this database is that clients can check QR codes through a cell phone and afterward scan database tables for records containing QR codes.

Accept that your database keeps portrayals and photographs of various PC parts. Each part has an extraordinary QR code. There are portions of two kinds: Type An and Type B, so you keep these sorts in two separate tables:

“Type A Parts” table:

QR Code Scanner

“Type B Parts” table:

QR Code Scanner B

Along these lines, every client ought to have the option to examine a specific part’s QR code to look the database for this segment and get all the supplemental data identified with this part.

For instance:

QR Code Scanned

What might you need to arrangement in your database to assemble this usefulness?

1.Generated Document

In this model each table contains a created archive that keeps all the information identified with the part. For example, “Report A” can be produced in the “Type A Parts” table.

DocumentA settings

“Record B” can be produced in the “Type B Parts” table.

DocumentB settings

2.Auxiliary Formula-Text section

In addition, you have to include a “RecordId” assistant recipe text section to each table with the accompanying equation: RecordId().

In this way, how about we make the “RecordId” equation text section in the “Type A Part” table:

RecordID A

Additionally, you ought to make a similar segment in the “Type B Part” table:

RecordsID B

These sections will be utilized later on alteration.

3.New “Search Requests” table

Presently you have to make another assistant table. How about we name it “Search Requests”. This table ought to incorporate the accompanying sections: QR Code, Document, RecordIdA , RecordIdB, DocumentA, DocumentB.


In the first place, we should make a “Scanner tag type”- section called “QR Code”. Select “QR Code” alternative in the “Type” dropdown:

QR Code

At that point include a “Record Attachment” – type section called “Archive”. It will be utilized in the work process activity arrangement.

On the following stage it is critical to add two Many-to-Many relations:

– between “Type A Parts” and “Search Requests” tables

– between “Type B Parts” and “Search Requests” tables.

with the accompanying match condition: [QR Code]=[QR Code]

Therefore, you would now be able to include “RecordIdA” and “RecordIdB” outline sections to every connection individually. These segments pull a maximal record ID from the related “Type A Parts” or “Type B Parts” table if a filtered QR code esteem kept in the “Search Request” record coordinates the QR code esteem kept in the “Type A Parts” (or “Type B Parts”).

Here is a case of the “RecordIdA” rundown segment:

RecordIdA rundown segment

The “RecordIdB” rundown segment ought to be added to the subsequent connection.

RecordIdB synopsis section

The most troublesome advance is to fabricate recipe URL sections. For example, the “DocumentA” recipe URL segment ought to contain a URL that comprises of the components depicted underneath:

4.Form Behavior

At the point when all the segments are included, you have to modify the structure conduct in the “Search Requests” table. To begin with, set the “Report” section as ‘Readonly’ on the Default Form. After that include the RecordId()<>”0? measures and set the ‘Readonly’ choice for the “QR Code” section in this basis.

5. Mobile Device Record Create activity

Presently you have to include a portable activity permitting code filtering and looking. We should set it up in the “Search Requests” table and name this activity “Quest for a record”.

The “Quest for a record” cell phone ‘record make’ activity permits QR code filtering and embeddings this code into the “QR Code” section. Therefore, another record is added to the “Search Requests” table.

6.Triggers with Mobile Device Record Update activities

The subsequent stage is to make triggers with cell phone record update activities. In our model you have to make two comparable Record Change Triggers. How about we name these triggers “If QRCodeA” and “If QRCodeB” separately.

If you don’t mind note that this cell phone update record activity is utilized in the two triggers.

Presently you can include the “If QRCodeB” trigger to the “Search Request” table. The arrangement is like the “If QRCodeA” trigger arrangement, however you have to utilize the “RecordIdB” section in the channel:

After that you can include the current “Query output” cell phone update record activity to the “If QRCodeB” trigger.

How to interface QR scanner to database?

1.Connection of cell phone to database account

To associate your cell phone, for example, cell phone, to your record, open the “Individual data” page and snap on the “New” button in the “Gadgets” area. Read more about what is the best QR code scanner.

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