Catering at the Kahai Kitchen

For any type of Catering needs, the Kahai Kitchen has a wide variety of catering choices for weddings, receptions, graduations, birthdays or any special occasion that calls for elegant local cuisine. The menu is made by local chefs who are committed to using fresh and locally caught ingredients. These chefs have years of experience and know-how on how to prepare each dish so it will impress your guests.


The menu at the Kahai is made with ingredients from local sources such as the Sea of Japan, the West Coast and Hawaii Island. They use only organic and sustainable produce. This means that you are serving healthy food that does not contain any harmful toxins or chemicals. They make their own breads, desserts and fresh fruit and vegetable. Also, for their full service catering, they prepare large portions of all of these items in one sitting.

Their menu choices include everything from appetizers, main entrees, dessert, side dishes and desserts. The main entrees offer traditional favorites, while the desserts include fresh fruits, ice cream, sorbet and other delicious desserts. The other dishes on the menu include specialty salads, fresh seafood, and many more. They serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of some of their entrees to ensure your guest of honor will not be offended by eating something that does not follow a particular diet.

The menu at the Kahai is created by chefs who have spent many years on the island preparing the best cuisine there is for their guests. Each chef has a unique personality and style that you can enjoy while dining at their restaurant. You can also order their signature drink or appetizer that will make your party memorable.

If you plan to cater a wedding or reception at the Kahai, you can get a discount if you book your catering service well in advance. You can find out the dates and times that they will be holding their catering events by searching the internet. You may also want to call the restaurant and find out if they have any special promotions going on. During these occasions, they do not require all of their customers to show up at their restaurant at the same time. In order to save money, you can get in early and make sure you get seated by the time that the event starts.

Whether you need catering services for an anniversary, wedding, graduation or birthday party, you can find the perfect Catering Company like the one at the Kahai Kitchen. No matter what the occasion is, the food they serve is sure to please you and your guests.

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